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The Cat House on the Kings

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Our Featured Cat ... Cayenne

Cayenne Cayenne 8 months old Female Siamese Mix

Sweet Cayenne is a bit shy at first, but she really bonds with those who make the effort to spend some time with her. She enjoys being petted and played with, but needs some peace and quiet to feel comfortable venturing out and exploring her surroundings. We think she'll do best in a quieter home with an experienced cat family who are willing to love her as she is and wait for her to really feel comfortable and blossom. She's got beautiful silky-soft fur and spicy flame points, and when she's fired up after a toy ~ she's got quite the spicy personality! (And you will LOVE her striped tail!)

Our Featured Cat ... Madeline

Madeline Madeline 5 months old Female Calico

Madeline, nicknamed Maddy, is a doll of a kitten who knows what she likes, and that's just about everything! Playtimes with other kittens and cats is always fun and happy, but she's also good at entertaining herself if necessary. She's also very good with children. If you have a scratcher, you can expect this calico cutie to love it! And if a little conversation sounds good, this curious and affectionate girl will chime right in! She's a cuddler too, so she'll be hoping you find time to scoop her right up for some love and snuggles! Beautiful, talkative, companionable little Madeline would adore being a cherished member of your forever family!

Our Featured Cat ... Cecille

Cecille Cecille 4 months old Female Siamese Mix

Sweet Cecille is one of quite an adventurous pair of gorgeous little sisters! She adores every game she and Rosa cook up and can spend hours rolling around on the floor with her until they remember there's something they must go explore! She's the talkative sister and never misses an opportunity to weigh in on a conversation! Cuddles and loves are also high on her list of favorite things, so she hopes you'll find time to scoop her right up - and maybe even have a little chat! A loving forever home is now her fondest dream and would be especially sweet if it included her sister. Snugglebug Cecille has her bags packed and hopes to soon be a beloved family member! One adorable kitten is $50, and two are double happiness and just $75!

Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue and place as many animals as possible, to promote spay/neuter, and provide a safe, happy home for the cats who will live out their lives here. The Cat House on the Kings offers a unique, no-cage environment for 700+ cats and kittens that is unparalleled in the Central Valley.

To view a short video about The Cat House on the Kings just click the trangular Play button in the middle of the picture on the right.

Visiting Hours

We are open 7 days a week, except major holidays, by appointment only. For tours, adoptions or spay/neuter appointments, call (559) 638-0490. (For all other matters, please see our contact page.) If you plan to stay overnight in the area, several local hotels offer special rates for our visitors.

You may also visit our off-site adoption center at Petco, 4144 N. Blackstone Ave at Ashlan in Fresno. Call (559) 222-0228 for more information.

Adopting From Us

We are committed to placing animals in homes compatible with your and the animal's needs.

Adoption process:

  1. Review our adoption policy to make sure it is acceptable to you (see below).
  2. Complete our Adoption Application form.
  3. An adoption coodinator will review your application and ask questions to make sure the animal will be a good match for your home.
  4. If a successful match has been made, you may take the animal home. The adoption is finalized with the signed Adoption Contract and payment of the adoption fee. You will receive an information packet which should answer many of your questions about animal care.
  5. We will follow up with you in about two weeks to make sure that you and the animal are getting along well. However, we encourage you to contact your adoption coordinator at any time with any concerns you may have.

Adoption policy:

Adoption Fee:

Unless otherwise noted for a specific animal, our adoption fees are as follows:

$50/kitten ($75 for 2)
All cats and kittens are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, tested for FeLV/FIV, treated for fleas and ear mites, microchipped and litter-box trained prior to adoption.
$150/dog All dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for fleas prior to adoption.

Adoption fees help to offset rescue and medical expenses but rarely exceed them. Additional donations are always welcome.

Contact Us

For more information and an online application form, please visit us at
7120 S. Kings River Rd.
Parlier, CA 93648-9720
Phone: (559) 638-8696

Click here for a list of our adoptable pets.

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