Astro is a sanctuary resident.

Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
10 months old
Astro is sponsored by Tammy J.

Do you have the special touch that Astro needs? He’s hoping someone with a love and understanding of standoffish kitties and a great talent for patience will find him irresistible. One of his secrets is that he loves his brother Aleo who’s his exact opposite. Another secret is that he can be heard playing happily in his room when he thinks no one is listening. But he’s just a kitten so any cat lover will know that a kind and patient human is what he needs to coax him into being an awesome and devoted companion who will probably always be on the quiet and gentle side and is unlikely to ever be first to greet visitors like his brother does. Do you have what it takes to coax a kitten into a life of love and security? If Astro could find the words he’d say, “Please choose me”.  A sponsor would be appreciated.

Littermate:  Aleo