Lollee has been adopted!


Lollee is an adorable little lovebug full of affection and fun! She’s brave and spunky and happy-spirited and can make fun out of anything! With her fun-loving fostermates no opportunity for a little kitten exploration or adventures, and Lollee can always be found in the middle of the action! Batting a little ball around the empty bathtub is a big favorite of hers, but she can make a toy out of anything. When you have time she loves to be held and share hugs and cuddles too and will press her velvet-soft face against yours while she purrs her sweet purr. She has been fostered with kittens and bigger cats and also is good with children. This classic tabby doll will be an affectionate and sweet-natured addition in the life of a welcoming forever family. Lollee would love to be yours!