Celeste has been adopted!

Dilute Tortoiseshell

Super sweet Celeste had a rough start in life but she is now thriving in her foster home. She is very much a free spirit that loves to play all day long. She’s always getting into something, usually with her darling best friend Chanel right by her side! Their high energy is highly entertaining, but for such lively girls they are pretty gentle. They have been fostered with other cats, a small dog, and a child. This little duo of dolls will keep you entertained all day long, but when bedtime rolls around, it's time for cuddles, and who can resist double cuddles?! Soft, sweet Celeste likes to sleep next to you, on you, or on the pillow next to your head while she purrs herself to sleep. She loves kisses and loves to be held when she’s not in play mode. Because she is so bonded with Chanel, they will be happiest in a home where they can be together. Could two little beauties, Celeste and Chanel, be the double delight in your loving forever family?!

Fostered with cats, a small dog and a child

She should be adopted with her best friend Chanel