Bert is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Domestic Medium Hair
Black and White
13 weeks old

He’s black and white and and bouncy all over, and his name is Bert! What a sweetheart he is according to his foster mom - “an easy-going, confident, and even-tempered darling of a boy”! When you have six, yes six high-spirited and lovable siblings, it’s no surprise that your relaxed, calm, and happy attitude would make you a favorite! Playtimes with plenty of romping, racing, wrestling, and rowdying will find him squarely in the middle of the action, but then he’s ready to flop, lounge, and enjoy lots of petting and love! He’s a handsome little guy too in his suit of black with a kissy white mouth and fuzzy white toes! He’s ready to bring his happy-go-lucky vibe to a great forever home that will love him. Could purrbug Bert be your sweet new boy?

Littermates:  Bitsy, Ernie, Jillie, Mackie, Tank, Tessa
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