Rusty has been adopted!


Meet lovebug Rusty, the only boy in his batch of five sweet orange darlings! He is a favorite of his sisters, always using his big curiosity for a lively playtime or a little kitten adventure or exploration! He’s a natural leader and is enthusiastic about everything! His good nature makes him friendly with everyone, and he’s gotten along well with bigger cats and with dogs. This great boy is a cuddlebug too and readily climbs into a welcoming lap when it’s time to rest. With his dense, soft coat of dark apricot stripes and his bright, inquisitive little face with its big white smile, he is a darling boy! What a big, handsome, classic orange housetiger he is sure to become! Happy, lovable Rusty hopes he’s the perfect tabbysaurus darling for your loving forever family!

Mother: Dutchess
Littermates:  Amber, Ginger, Sienna, Sunny