Domestic Short Hair
Black and White

Darling Sheldon really doesn’t like to be alone, so his built-in secret strategy is to look pawsitively irresistible in his super handsome suit of black and white! All the white parts are in the cutest places, and his silky black is polished and debonaire. Perfect bright white whiskers and eyebrows are no small part of his winning plan! But when you get to know him, it’s plain to see that it’s his goofball, cuddlebug, noisy-toy-loving charm that will make this adorable boy a pure joy in a forever family as sweet as he is! He’s great with kids, has had the happiness of his three playful siblings around him, loves to sleep with one or more of them, can’t resist a catnip mouse, the laser pointer, or any noisy toy, sleeps in some weird and comical positions, and likes to have his fuzzy tummy rubbed while he goes to sleep snuggled up near his human. The only thing he seems to be against is the vacuum cleaner! Could loving, lively Sheldon be the all-around snugglebug sweetheart to light up your world?

Littermates:  Amy, Penny