Kitten 20388 (Bullet) is available for adoption

Domestic Short Hair
White w/ Grey spots
14 weeks old

Who’s the handsome boy with the perfect gray circles on the top of his head? It's Bullet! One of six fun-loving, affectionate, lap-loving siblings! Like all of them, he’s a rowdy, rambunctious cutie who never runs out of ideas for the next little kitten game or exploration. But when he runs out of steam, he will march right into a welcoming lap for a cozy cuddle and snooze. If no lap is available, a kitten cuddle puddle works fine. Silky-soft Bullet, with the one-of-a-kind markings, will be a joyful and affectionate addition in a forever home that will treasure him. How about yours?


Littermates:  Kitten 20389, Kitten 20391
Photobombed my sister!
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