Colby has been adopted!


Cuddly Colby is one of five little fluff balls all named for cheeses! This sweet little guy will be the first to greet you with sweet meows and a cheesy smile and will purr non-stop when you scoop him up for the hugs and snuggling that he loves! With four energetic siblings, it’s no surprise that playtimes are also high on his list of favorite things, and he has a special bond with his happy brother Pepper Jack. His identical twin is his sister, Mozzy, and only his slightly darker face tells them apart. When it’s nap and recharge time, she is his favorite nap buddy. This doll is a classic striped tabby sweetheart with a fuzzy white chin and smile and soft white shirt front. He has been happily fostered with kittens, other cats, one little and one big dog, and an older child. He’s handsome, affectionate, and fun-loving, and will be a joyful addition in a wonderful, loving forever home. Could Colby be the perfect cutiepie for you? 

Littermates:  Brie, Gouda, Mozzy, Pepper Jack