Giblet is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

4 months old

Handsome Giblet is always dressed for success in his perfectly polished and silky tuxedo! With his bright white chin, spotless shirt front, and pristine “shoes”, he’s a picture-perfect guy! He’s a bit reserved and dignified, but when it’s time to play or eat he’s right in the middle of the action or first in line! His foster sisters, Biscuit and Grace, can rope him into any of their antics, and the adult cat in his foster home, Uncle Frank, is his great guy buddy. He also loves to play footsies under the door with the other big cats and has had a little exposure to a dog and didn’t seem worried by him. He’s a hearty diner, especially with wet food, but always keeps his handsome attire clean and tidy! His favorite time to cuddle is at bedtime when he hopes he gets to sleep with you in the big bed and maybe even nod off right next to or even on you! He’s the perfect guy, always looks good, enjoys a good time, keeps his expectations reasonable, has good friends, but always thinks you are definitely the cat’s meow! If a gem of a fellow sounds like a treasure to you, Giblet would love to be yours!

Please note:

  • Giblet is ok with dogs
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