Smitty has been adopted!


Bright and beautiful light green eyes! Stunning whiskers! Sleek and sturdy physique! Loves to be petted! Loves a nice belly rub! Gets along fine with other cats! Irresistibly easy-going! Classically handsome from his satiny nose to his velvety toes! What’s not to adore about Smitty?! This most classic of kitties, a sunny orange boy, just wants to steal your heart and warm your home! He may be a bit guarded in new situations because he’s smart too.  He knows a little observation and assessment is always wise before he presents his soft, fuzzy belly for one of those rubs! Then this good-natured burly bundle is all in for bringing his great orange guy vibe to the people he loves! What a happy, handsome, and sweetly devoted addition lovable Smitty will be in most any welcoming home! He’d love to be your beloved big boy!

Littermates:  Bradford, Kitten 23320