Frozen has been adopted!


Sweetness couldn’t come in a more complete package than precious Frozen! If you yearn to cuddle a snuggler, tuck her in warmly in a cozy blanket, and have the cutest little nap buddy, this darling girl is the one for you! With her busy siblings there are plenty of playtimes too in her days, and she romps through every one with happy energy. This doll has also been good with adult cats and with kids, but hasn’t met any dogs. A classic suit of silky brown tabbygirl stripes is the perfect complement to her classic tabby sweetness, and her little sugar-dusted smile is a reflection of her very sweet and tender heart. Such a loving little treasure of a girl is sure to be a great joy in a forever family that cherishes her. Precious Frozen hopes you choose her!

Littermates:  Blossom, Olaf, Rosemary