Age:16 weeks
Breed:Maine Coon Mix
Color:Black and black

You couldn’t ask for more of a lovebug than darling, handsome Prosperity! If it’s up to him you’ll find him tucked under your chin and hoping he’ll get to give you little kisses because this doll is as sweet as they come! But don’t count him out in the fun and games department! He and his fun-loving brother and sister hoot it up in endless kitten games and adventures and can make playthings out of anything, even crunchy packing paper and empty boxes! He’s been fine with bigger cats and with a small dog, but he does startle at sudden or loud noises. Precious Prosperity is rich with love, snuggles, cuddles, kisses, and fun, and would adore being your perfect boy!

Littermates:  Domino, Patience

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