Age:2 years
Breed:Tabby / Domestic Short Hair

in his caramel and dark chocolate suit of rippling stripes, burly Paddy is one gorgeous guy! This regal looking fellow lounges luxuriously, observes all with a kingly eye, but also fits the definition of a spirit cat - one who will bond with his humans but readily make himself invisible around strangers and unfamiliar situations. Being petted and scratched on his big head and behind his soft ears are at the top of his list of very favorite things, and though he’s not a squeezie boy, his disposition is gentle and sweet. This extra big guy has an extraordinary face with beautiful eyes, a soft brown velvet nose, and irresistibly fuzzy wuzzy cheeks! He will be a devoted tabbyman classic who will ask for very little and will grace your life with his excellent “cat-ness”. Could super-sized, stripey-suited Paddy be the wonderful purrasaurus boy for you?

Littermates:  Batty, Pino 3 (Coven)

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