Age:1 year
Breed:Domestic Short Hair
Color:Black Black

Two burly brothers named Batty and Paddington came to us as feral kittens and have proven themselves to be loving bonded, and handsome purrasauruses! Batty is the sleek and polished housepanther of the two and has a world-class purr and loves to be petted and give fuzzy head boops! He will appreciate patience and affection as he gets uses to a new environment and new humans, and a loving home with his brother would be ideal for both of them. He fits in the category of spirit cats who bond with their people but are happiest staying out of the way around strangers. He keeps his sleek and handsome physique polished to a glow and has gorgeous green-gold eyes like bright jewels in a deep night sky. Sweet Batty is a low-key guy who dreams of a sweet and patient forever home that will protect and love him and his beloved brother too. Could that home belong to you?

Littermates:  Paddy, Pino 3 (Coven)

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