Age:1 year
Breed:Domestic Medium Hair

When you’ve earned the label “shelter favorite”, like happy, handsome, affectionate Marvin, you probably are a pretty marvelous kitty! He moves elegantly in his extra fluffy black silk suit through all the fun and simple pleasures that fill his days! He gets along well with other cats (we’re not sure about dogs(, likes every kind of toy, even empty boxes, and brings his good-natured enthusiasm to any opportunity to romp and play! This great guy is a winner in the snugglebug department too and appreciates every bit of sweet attention! Head boops and cheeks rubs are second nature to this darling guy! He will even give you a lick on your arm with excitement when you pet him. He’s so polished he has his own glow and a great spirit that makes everything about him shine. He will need a quiet and patient home that will give him time to feel safe and secure. A home without young children. Such an onyx jewel will be a loving addition in a forever family that protects and adores him. Could mellow and marvelous Marvin be the new joy in your loving circle?

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