Age:4 years
Color:and white

This beautiful, young mamacat is wonderful Jessica! What a sweet, nurturing job she has done with her two darling kittens, which has certainly earned her a future as a cherished girl in a loving forever home. She loves to be petted and loved on, and kicks up her heels in lively playtimes with anything that rolls or bounces! Sharing her super friendly personality makes her happy, but while she loves attention, she doesn’t much like being picked up. A little extra assessment of new people and situations is her wise style, but you can count on her to warm up pretty quickly. She gets along with other cats and small dogs but has not been exposed to children. This sweetie’s bunny-soft coat is beautifully marked, softly colored, and easy-care, with lots of polished ivory that gives her an extra glow! Her darling face has unique markings under each eye like she’s working of perfecting her black eyeliner application! A pouty pink smile and gorgeous glistening whiskers are her perfect accessories! It’s time now for this charming girl to be adored in a great forever home of her very own. Until her forever home come along, a sponsor would be appreciated.

Child:  Ainsley, Malcolm

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