Cat 21494

Age:9 months
Color:Brown & White

Cuddlebug Cat 21494 loves snuggles with people, warm blankets, and other cats! She is a total sweetheart who tries to make friends with kitties and humans alike! She’s been happily fostered with her cutiepie siblings and other cats. Her spirit is on the gentle side, but she hops right into every playtime, even when they’re raucous! Soft cloth toys to swat and chase and anything that rolls are some of her favorite things. She’s a sweet, silky, tabby gal with a bright white bib, underside, and feet, and a sweet face with brushstrokes of white, adorable dark quotation marks at the base of her impressive set of polished white whiskers. This cute-as-a-button little girl is ready and waiting to be some lucky family’s perfectly precious love bug. Cuddly Cat 21494 hopes you have a cozy spot in your sweet circle for her!


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