Age:1 year
Breed:Siamese Mix
Color:Flame pt

When you’re named after the Greek god of pretty much everything, and the one said to be the most beautiful, it helps if you’re a truly darling dandy named Apollo! This bouncing bundle of handsome boy is super playful and has two high-spirited sisters who are his happy sidekicks in every game, adventure, romp, and wrestling match! He especially excels at hide-and-seek and smack-the-wiggling-toes - no claws allowed! When his energy winds down his lovebug vibe comes out, and hugs and cuddles and extra attention are what this sweetheart craves. He just likes to think it’s always on his terms. He’s a member of Mt Olympus royalty, afterall! His gorgeous coat is super soft and dense and the color of a puffy summer cloud, and sky blue eyes, rosy pink ears and a velvety nose make him oh so cuddly! Precious Apollo has his bags packed and is patiently waiting to be the beloved boy in a forever home as sweet as he is! How about yours?

Littermates:  Chloe, Latte, Persephone

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