Kitten 21862

Age:3 years
Breed:Maine Coon Mix

Adorable kitten 21862 is a handsome & sweet red and white fella who is an extremely loving boy! He is friendly with cats and new people after a little time to get used to them. Every kind of toy is an instant favorite, and few things are as entertaining as discovering interesting places and things to explore! His purr is as soft and lovely as he is, and he has quite a talent of seeming to talk with his very fluffy tail! Nothing makes this loving little doll happier than to be scooped up to be petted and snuggled. Such an affectionate, playful, and sweet-natured beauty. He will be a pure delight in a purrfect forever home where he will be cherished. Could precious Kitten 21862 be your new treasure?


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