Cat 22145 (Craig)

Age:7 months
Breed:Maine Coon Mix

This sweet guy is Cat 22145 aka Craig and he's a great, companionable little guy he is! He has a mellow, laid-back personality and lively sense of play that never uses claws! He’s very sociable and will go up to you for pets and to play. It’s no surprise he has gotten along well with kittens, bigger cats, and a small dog. Who can resist such a sweetheart, dressed in his super-soft and silky easy-care suit of grey, who will gaze lovingly at you with those big expressive eyes! He’s a true classic with a heart of gold who will be a joy in a wonderful, adoring forever home! Craig is crossing his cute paws and hoping he’s the perfect boy for you!


Littermate:  Kitten 22146 (Smokey)

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