Age:15 weeks

Susie has a very plush and silky calico coat and a thick tail.  She is very sweet and loving and enjoys nuzzling her human(s) while rolling around.  This kitten craves affectionate attention and is not afraid to seek out a snuggle session!  Susie is also a fun and playful kitten.  Her favorite toys are plastic crinkly things.  Once she has captured the crinkly prey, she will carry it in her mouth and proudly parade her capture around the house for all to admire.  Susie is good with other cats, kittens and children.  She has not been exposed to dogs.   Susie, a super sweet love-bug, is now ready to join a forever home.

Littermates:  Bennet, Emily, Ian, Mekenzie, Rachelle, Zora

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