Age:5 months
Breed:Siamese Mix

This dapper little dandy is sweet Sesame! What a handsome doll he is with his big, azure blue eyes, dark chocolate velvet ears and nose, and fuzzy wuzzy coat of dense, silky mocha! He’s a happy boy who is always ion the lookout for a fun opportunity or a good snuggle! He was abandoned as a tiny boy on a country road and will still benefit from a calm environment that feels safe and has patient people who will envelop him in security and affection. Busy young children are probably not a good fit for him, but he does get along with cats and with small dogs. He has a great affectionate spirit and open-hearted outlook on life and will be a cuddly treasure in a home that adores him. Could sweetheart Sesame find his forever in the circle of your quiet love?

Mother: Erin
Littermate:  Christina

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