Age:7 months
Breed:Domestic Medium Hair

This high energy kitten is called Oscar.  He possesses an abundance of kitten energy and is very playful.  At times Oscar can play a little rough (he thinks toes and fingers are toys) but he can be redirected if a cat toy is offered.  When it is sleep time, Oscar enjoys a nice soft bed and a quiet place for snoozing.  He does enjoy snuggles with his humans and will seek out affection when he is ready for it, often using a human lap as a place to get love and snuggles and then a nice nap!  Oscar has been fostered with dogs.  However, it took him a few weeks to warm up and feel comfortable around the dogs.  He loves people and other cats.  Due to his high energy, Oscar would most likely be happy to romp around and play with another kitten or cat and, if the household has children, it would be best if they were older.  If you are looking for a high spirited, fun and affectionate kitten, Oscar is the choice for you!

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