Age:4 months

Cutiepie Nash has a nose for fun and affection in equal measure! He’s an expert head booper and loves to be cuddled and petted and loved on, then he’s ready to find his next little adventure or bounce into the next game with his happy-spirited siblings. Sister Milly is his favorite, and they are rarely apart when being together is so much nicer! Being alone for very long makes this sweetie sad, and so do dogs, but other than that he’s an easy-going guy whose wants are few and who’s as companionable as can be. With his smooth and handsome soft gray and snowy white coat, he’s a tabbyman classic. His very photogenic face is a fuzzy wuzzy gray “frame” surrounding spring leaf green eyes and a pink and pouty little kisser! This sweetheart is simply irresistible! If a lovable boy full of affection and fun sounds like your kind of forever guy, huggable Nash hopes he’s the one for you! If he could talk he’d ask if Milly might come too!

Littermates:  Graham, Layla, Milly

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