Age:5 months
Breed:Russian Blue

Oh so handsome Otis is a boy built for lounging luxuriously and making himself as irresistibly lovable as possible! He has eight terrific siblings, so playtimes are a hoot, and he is in the middle of every race, romp, adventure, and exploration! A laidback personality makes him a favorite with everyone, a gorgeous guy who isn’t pushy about a thing (well, maybe snack time!) and who can’t resist a cozy cuddle or a warm and welcoming lap. He’s also been fostered with bigger cats and with dogs. He’s charming and funny, a hard guy to get a photo of because he rolls right onto his back to show off his plush and softly spotted belly! What  a character! A more cuddly and companionable boy would be hard to find. Could this silvery sweetheart named Otis be the perfect gem to join your forever family?

Littermates:  Octavia, Ofelia, Olaf, Olivia, Ona, Orlando, Owen, Ozzy

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