Age:4 months

Don’t tell the others, but Oz is his foster mom’s favorite. And that’s saying a lot because, oh my, there are nine of them - and their names all start with O! This little tabby tiger standout is a spunky adventurer and loves to play with his posse of siblings, but he’s an irresistible lovebug too and always stops and checks in with his foster mom to get some cuddles and kisses! Oz has a quick, big purr and uses it a lot. As one of nine, Ozzy is used to being surrounded by siblings, and while he tends to play more with his brothers than sisters, he likes all of them. Other cats and dogs have been fine too. But someone waiting with loving hugs and snuggles is at the very top of his list of favorite things! A fun and affectionate forever home is this classic tabbysaurus purrbug’s fondest desire. Oh so wonderful Oz would love be in your circle of love.

Littermates:  Octavia, Ofelia, Olaf, Olivia, Ona, Orlando, Otis, Owen

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