Age:4 months

Oh my, here comes Miss Tiny but Mighty, simply irresistible Olivia! Among her litter of nine - yes, indeed, nine! - this little jewel is the most petite. Even her voice has a sweet lilt, like a Disney darling, and her dainty paws are like pads of velvet when she rests them on your leg to get a bit of extra loving. Her affectionate nature is very people-oriented, and she has been fostered with bigger cats and with dogs. A great love of fun has her romping and racing right alongside her lively batch of siblings, and every toy, game, and adventure is her immediate favorite! A beautiful, soft coat of rich colors, with a broad brushstroke of white on her underside, makes her a one-of-a-kind picture-perfect classic! Could adorable Olivia bring her sweet, bright little face and loving sparkle to the forever circle of your love?

Littermates:  Octavia, Ofelia, Olaf, Ona, Orlando, Otis, Owen, Ozzy

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