Age:4 months

There are tabbies and torties and solid black kitties, but there is only one Octavia! Her beautiful and unique black and cream coat looks blended by the most skilled artist, and is complemented by a gorgeous face with perfectly outlined, beautiful eyes and a touch of pink on her pert little nose! She is one of nine adorable kittens in her litter whose names all start with O! That’s a lot of O’s! This doll can be a bit cautious, a wise thing in such a crowd! But she quickly warms up and plays happily and cuddles sweetly. Unlike some of her pushy siblings, Octavia is more quiet than rambunctious. She has also gotten along in her foster home with bigger cats and with dogs. Such a great blend of cuddly affection and gentle playfulness will make gorgeous little Octavia a beloved girl in a loving forever family. How about yours?

Littermates:  Ofelia, Olaf, Olivia, Ona, Orlando, Otis, Owen, Ozzy

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