Age:5 months

This girl with the beautiful ivory brows is sweet Ona. As one of nine lively loving kittens, she knows how to assess every situation and jumps into the rock n roll playtimes when she’s good and ready. Whether it’s romping, racing, or wrestling, she’s an able but gentle participant, and having especially one of her sisters to grow up with would be a very happy thing for her! When things are quiet she’ll be the first in line to be cuddled and loved on, and she has also done well with bigger cats and with dogs. Her high-fashion coat of dense, bunny softness is a work of art in a beautiful palette of ivory, midnight black, and rich gold, with a splash of white on her fuzzy wuzzy chest. She’s a true tortie treasure and will be a darling addition in a forever home that adores her. Precious Ona would love be your cherished girl! 

Littermates:  Octavia, Ofelia, Olaf, Olivia, Orlando, Otis, Owen, Ozzy

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