Age:4 months

This is Mocha.  She has beautiful markings on her plush coat and big, bright eyes.   Mocha and her siblings were found in parking lot, dumped there by uncaring humans and left in a shopping cart.  Fortunately, they were rescued and are now in foster care awaiting loving and caring forever homes.  Mocha loves to play and has tons of fun kitten energy to keep her bouncing and pouncing and playing kitten games.  She is quite curious about everything going on in her world and has a very independent spirit.  She is often found observing the other kittens from afar.  Mocha gets along well with other kittens and cats.  She has had limited interaction with dogs and no interaction with children.  Mocha is now ready to join a forever family.

Littermates:  Midnight, Pumpkin

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