Age:5 months
Breed:Domestic Short Hair

He’s sugary sweet and the designated lovebug of his batch of cutiepies, and his name is Arlie! In his silky smooth, bunny soft coat of cloud white, this darling doll is irresistible to snuggle and loves to be loved on when he isn’t busy romping and stomping with his three siblings in one of their happy games or comical hijinks! He’s hard to tell apart from his twin brother Gibson, and they look like bright headlights when they’re coming down a dark hallway together! Big, soulful eyes and the softest pink ears and nose are purrfect for this super sweet guy! Darling Arlie hopes he has exactly what you are hoping for in a happy and affectionate forever furry friend!

Mother: Tippy
Littermates:  Chase, Gibson, Sidney

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