Age:7 months

Charming Chase is a pawfect combination of easy-going and fun-loving! This tabbyman cutie has three great built-in playmates in his darling siblings who are part of the lively games and romps that he loves. His face is as photogenic as they come, with a velvety soft brown nose, big, beautiful blue-green eyes, and a very impressive classic tabby “M” on his sweet forehead. What a love this great little guy is, happy, handsome, and not a bit needy or dramatic. His snowy white parts are polished to perfection and his stripes are satin smooth and striking, a great ensemble for this on-the-go guy! He’s ready and waiting to bounce right into a forever home as lovable and wonderful as he is. Could companionable Chase be the new bouncy pouncy, mellow little man in your safe circle of love?

Mother: Tippy
Littermates:  Arlie, Gibson, Sidney

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