Age:5 months
Breed:Dilute Calico

Oh so very beautiful with a luxurious coat of soft, plush fur.  This is Danielle and she is an absolutely wonderful kitten!  Outgoing, affectionate and very playful.  She was rescued from a hoarder situation and has since been in a foster home where she has thrived.  She adores the other foster kittens in the home and loves to play with them as well as snuggle up with them when playtime is over.  Danielle purrs her contentment whether cuddled up with the other foster kitties or snuggling up with her humans.  She has done well with the big dog in the foster home.  The ideal home for Danielle would have at least another kitten or cat to be her companion and a safe, secure place where she would receive the love, attention and affection that she so very much craves and deserves.  Adorable, loveable and fun!  Bring Danielle home today!

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