Cat 22529 (Gigi)

Age:9 months
Breed:Domestic Short Hair
Color:Gray and White

Beautiful, treasure Cat 22529 is hoping for an extra-special forever person. This polished velvet darling is a very shy girl, sometimes referred to as a spirit cat because she isn’t likely to present herself to just anyone, but is excellent at hiding behind the litterboxes or bench! It’s time now for this sweetheart to bond with her forever people who will hopefully have a quiet and calm home for a precious girl who just needs a little extra patience and appreciation of her special spirit. Could lovely, gentle Cat 22529 find her cherished and protected future in the nurturing circle of your love?

Littermates:  Cat 22528 (Stanley), Kitten 22527, Kitten 22530, Kitten 22564 (Jolly Rancher)

Please note:

  • Cat 22529 (Gigi) is shy and needs a quiet home. (The San Diego Humane Society offers a Shy Cat training class over Zoom.)

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