Age:15 weeks
Breed:Dilute Calico

Meet beautiful Feather who is affectionately called "Little Sister" by her foster family.  She is the smallest of the five siblings but is also very mighty!  Feather has typical kitten energy and curiosity.  She is super playful, enjoying lots of kitten antics with her siblings.  She is also an expert climber and has discovered a nice, quiet spot for napping on top of some books on the bookshelf in her foster home.  Feather is very close to her siblings and her Mama Cat, Stefania.  If you are looking for two kittens, she would pair well with her Mama, Stefania, or any of her siblings.  She has been raised in a home with a well-behaved dog and has been fine with her.  She is very sweet and affectionate as well and enjoys her human's companionship.

Mother: Stefania
Littermates:  Grace, Nevelson, Prince Buff, Summer

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