Age:13 weeks
Breed:Dilute Calico / Maine Coon Mix

Beautiful Grace has large, expressive, green eyes that are very observant of the world around her.  Her gorgeous fur coat is long, luxurious and fluffy.  She looks like a round little fuzzball in a sunbeam!  Grace's foster parents describe her as being mature, sensitive and smart.  She was the first of the five kittens to make eye contact with her foster humans.  She has been raised by her Mama kitty, Stefania, along side her four siblings.  They have all enjoyed a close, happy relationship with lots of playful kitten antics.  She has been okay with foster family's well-behaved dog.  She has not had any interaction with children or other adult cats.  Grace is ready to bring her wise, sweet and beautiful self to a forever family.

Mother: Stefania
Littermates:  Feather, Nevelson, Prince Buff, Summer

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