Age:1 year
Breed:Dilute Calico / Maine Coon Mix

Stefania is a young Mama Cat who is described by her foster family as a wonderful mother.  She has raised five fabulous kittens and she is now ready to find a forever home where she will be adored and have the opportunity to just be a kitten herself!  As a mama, she was protective, nurturing and a good teacher.  She has a sweet little meow and trill for calling her kittens.  She will bring them toys from different rooms in the house and announce it to her kittens as if she is the teacher leading the classroom.  Stefania is quite sweet, loving and affectionate with her foster humans.  She has been around the resident adult cats and the well-behaved dog and has done okay except for when she is protecting her kittens.  Once her kittens have moved out of her care, Stefania will more than likely be a very well adjusted cat who will do well with other cats and well-behaved dogs once she gets used to her new environment.  Ideally, Stefania will be adopted with one of her kittens (as they are her whole world right now) or into a home with another young cat or kittens to keep her company.  Beautiful, young and sweet, Stefania is ready to join a forever home where she will receive lots of love and affectionate attention.

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