Age:13 weeks
Breed:Russian Blue Mix

She’s exotic dusky blue-gray, full of vim and vigor, and her name is Gravy! This beautiful little sprite is super happy-spirited and loves to play with her 5 siblings, especially her sister, sweet Biscuit. Her affectionate personality means you’ll easily find her nearby her human or her sister, and she readily cuddles up with one or the other for the cozy naps and ear scratches that she craves especially after a lively playtime! A warm lap or a warm sister are irresistible to this sweetheart! Her personality is out-going and easy-going, and she has been exposed to other cats but not to dogs or children. Her gorgeous dense coat is soft and luxurious, and her pert little face is picture-perfect with its sweet puff of pale gray around her Impish smile and velvet button nose! Darling Gravy will be a beautiful, fun-loving, and affectionate treasure in a forever home as sweet as she is. What a pair they would be is Biscuit came too!

Mother: Daisy Mae
Littermates:  Biscuit, Curly, Dandee, Larry, Moe

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