Age:17 weeks

Meet fuzzy wuzzy wonderful Biscuit, one of six little sweethearts nurtured with the greatest care and affection by their beautiful tabby mom, Daisy Mae. This little fluffball of perfection is as playful and curious as she is loving and companionable. Fun with her lively siblings makes snoopy explorations and funny kitten adventures a big part of every day, but when she’s tuckered out she’ll want to be cudddled right up to you for one of the head scratches she loves and a nice warm sleep. She also loves to cozy up with her favorite sister, Gravy in a cozy kitten cuddle puddle. This sweetie has been exposed to other cats but not to dogs or children. She’s a gorgeous soft gray with several dramatic dark stripes and a darling face sweetly highlighted with powder puff white and a pouty little smile. Such a classic beauty, with such an affectionate and cuddly nature and happy spirit, will be a cherished girl in a forever family that adores her. Biscuit hopes you reach for her!

Mother: Daisy Mae
Littermates:  Curly, Dandee, Gravy, Larry, Moe

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