Age:14 weeks
Breed:Maine Coon Mix

Meow-velous little Moe is a study in silky softness and as sweet as a sugary treat, a pure girly girl through and through! Her personality is super gentle, calm, and quiet, a darling who loves to play with her five siblings until things get a bit too rowdy. Then she simply excuses herself to observe from a safe spot, preferable on her human’s lap. Sister Curly and brother Larry are her favorite subs and seem to understand her quieter nature. She has been lovingly nurtured by her doting mother Daisy Mae, and has been exposed to ther cats, but has not been exposed to dogs or children. Her inky coat is extra fluffy and beautifully silky, elegant attire for this sweetheart! She’s a perfect little jewel who will be a treasure in a quiet environment with people who will cherish and protect her. Could precious Moe be the little classic ebony gem for you?

Mother: Daisy Mae
Littermates:  Biscuit, Curly, Dandee, Gravy, Larry

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