Age:14 weeks
Breed:Maine Coon Mix

”Larry is one cool dude” according to his foster mom, a beloved brother to his 5 adoring sisters! He’s especially attached to his sisters Curly and Moe, but brings his super calm and laidback vibe to everyone and everything. Enjoyment is his goal, and he never misses an opportunity to get a good petting session or a quick ear scratch! If cats could surf, he’d be the handsome hunk lounging on the beach waiting patiently for that next big wave! While he has been exposed to other cats, he has not been exposed to any dogs or children. He’s silky and fuzzy wuzzy and solidly inky black in his extra long coat that he may enjoy having brushed to keep it nicely polished. This sweetheart is sure to be a gorgeous big boy one day, and a throughly easy-going joy in a forever home that will love and protect him. Could relaxed and lovable Larry be the perfect boy for you?

Mother: Daisy Mae
Littermates:  Biscuit, Curly, Dandee, Gravy, Moe

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