Daisy Mae

Age:1 year

Darling Daisy Mae’s foster mom can tell it best: “This precious girl is one of the most loving and gentle cats ever. She loves to be held and cuddled and has the sweetest little voice and chatters when you feel like having a conversation. She has been an incredible mom to all six of her kittens, always grooming and kissing them. She doesn’t seem comfortable with other cats so would ideally be happiest as an only pet where her very loving nature and devotion will make her someone’s special joy”. Her sleek coat in the classic mackerel tiger stripe pattern, luminous green eyes, and lovely white socks are perfect for this jewel of a little housetigress! With her heart’s abundance of love just waiting to be shared, could deeply affectionate Daisy Mae find her forever comfort and affection as your new treasure?

Child:  Biscuit, Curly, Dandee, Gravy, Larry, Moe

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