Age:17 weeks
Breed:Domestic Short Hair
Color:Black and White

Happy little Minnie is a super sweet and playful kitten.  She and her 3 siblings were rescued from the air conditioning unit of a local church.  She is full of typical kitten energy and curiosity and she enjoys climbing and exploring in her foster home.  Minnie's curious nature will sometimes lead her into forbidden places such as the refrigerator or the open dishwasher so her humans need to be aware of her playful sneakiness!  While she certainly enjoys the rough and tumble bouncing, pouncing and wrestling with her siblings, when playtime is over, Minnie is the most affectionate little snuggle bug.  She gives kitty kisses, neck nuzzles and lots of love to her humans as well as her siblings.  She has a very robust purr to express her happy contentment.  Minnie has been fostered with her siblings as well as adult cats and kids.  She has not had exposure to dogs.  Minnie is a happy little kitten who is now ready to bring her sweet, playful self to a forever home.

Littermates:  Averman, Cinderella, King

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