Age:5 months

This cute-as-button boy is the Andy half of the dynamic and adorable duo of Amos and Andy! Their story began in a very sad situation, but in the care of a wonderfully capable foster mom they have been thriving! Both have big, sweet purrs and are getting more comfortable by the day as they are nurtured with affection and security. Every toy is an instant favorite. and running, chasing, batting, and exploring keep them happily bouncing and pouncing! They will still benefit from patience in new situations and a home on the calmer side, but if there are toys, and kindness, and maybe even the good fortune to get to stay together, their future will be worth that treacherous start. Sweet Andy is the brother in the  bunny-soft gray suit of muted tabby stripes with a distinctive forehead “M” and a sugar-dusted pouty little smile. He hopes he’s the perfect little tabbyman classic to shine in your welcoming forever circle. If Amos came too they’d be a double delight of entertainment and love for you!

Littermate:  Amos

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