Vendor FAQ


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How big is the booth space?

Each booth space is 10’x10'. Your tables and canopy need to fit within the confines of your space.

What is the flooring in the booth space?

Depending on your booth location on the property, you may be on grass, concrete, or packed dirt.

Are pop-up canopies or tables provided?

No. It is your responsibility to bring your own pop-up canopy and tables.

Is power available?

No. Power is not available, although generators are welcome.

Where will the booths be located?

Premium booth locations are in front of the main house. Standard booth locations are behind the main house. [map]

Can I share a booth with another vendor?

No. This event is a fundraiser and our vendor fees are already very low.

Food Trucks

Where will food trucks be located?

All food trucks will be located in what we call "Food Truck Alley"; take a look at the map of food truck locations.

Are there premium locations for food trucks?

No, there are no premium locations for food trucks.


Where can I get water?

Water is available in the kitchen of the main house. Enter either through the garage or the back patio door.

Where are the restrooms?

Portable restrooms will be available just outside the main gate. There are also restrooms in the main house.

Will Wi-Fi be available?

The "Cat House Guest" wi-fi network will be available. Request the password at check-in. No streaming music or video out of consideration for other users because the bandwidth available is limited.


What time should I arrive?

Vendor check-in opens at 0745, and closes at 0930. You must check-in before 0930, and be set up by 1000.

Where do I park?

When you pull into the Cat House on the Kings, let the parking attendant know you are a vendor (or food truck). They will direct you to the correct parking.

How do I check in?

Check-in is between 0745 and 0930. After you park as directed by the parking attendants, visit the vendor check-in booth to get your assigned space number and a copy of the map with your space marked. (Note: premium spaces are shown in green on the map, standard spaces in blue.) The check-in booth is shown as "✓ in" on the map. (Food truck spaces are shown on a separate map.) Your space will also have a sign with its number.

If you have special requests, such as being located next to a friend's booth, please email in advance so that we can be prepared. We may not be able to honor such requests if they are made at check-in time!

Can I get my space assignment before the event?

No. We have experienced no-shows before which can lead to a poor experience for both vendors and customers, so we assign spaces upon check-in.

How long is the walk from parking to booth space?

The distance from parking to booth space depends on your booth location within the property, but not more than a few hundred feet.

Do you have help getting my items to my booth space?

We have a few handled wagons available to help, but please bring your own if you have one.

Do I have to stay the entire time?

Yes. You are required to stay for the duration of the event. Booth tear down can begin at 1500.


How do i sign up to participate?

Please complete our Vendor Application Form.

Is my vendor fee refundable?

No. Vendor fees are non-refundable.

What are the insurance requirements?

Vendors will be required to sign this Waiver and Release of Liability prior to setting up their booth.