Adoption Application

The Cat House on the Kings selects adoptive homes at its sole discretion based on the needs and best interests of the animal. Therefore The Cat House on the Kings reserves the right to deny any adoption application.

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Potential Adoptee

Buddy photo
Name: Buddy Description: Male, 4 years old, Maine Coon Mix, Black and White (Remove)

Adopter Information

First name:
  Last name: 
First and last name of ALL adults in the home:
Home phone:
Cell phone:
Work phone:
Current employer?  Position?
Time on the job?
How long at this address?
Is it a: House Apartment Condo Mobile Home Other
Do you Rent Own Live with someone who owns your home?
Are you allowed animals? Yes No
  Pet deposit amount $
  Landlord's name: Landlord's phone:
Number of adults in the home?
Does your housemate agree to a new pet? Yes No
Number of children in the home? Ages of Boys? Ages of Girls:
Does anyone in the home have allergies? Yes No
Do you currently have pets? Yes No
  Other Species Age Fixed Breed (Dogs) Temperament
Cat Dog Other
Yes No
Cat Dog Other
Yes No
Cat Dog Other
Yes No
Cat Dog Other
Yes No
Cat Dog Other
Yes No
Cat Dog Other
Yes No
Where are your pets now?
What pets have you had previously? Please include their ages and how long you had them.
What happened to them?
Does your home have a doggy door? Yes No
Have you or anyone living with you adopted a pet from The Cat House on the Kings before? Yes No
Veterinary Clinic you (will) go to: Clinic Phone:
Will this pet be living in your home with you? Yes No
Describe the personality/temperament of the ideal cat:
As a kitten where will Buddy be? Indoor only Outdoor only Indoor/Outdoor
As an adult where will Buddy be? Indoor only Outdoor only Indoor/Outdoor
Where will you keep the litter box? Laundry room Garage Bathroom No box Other
If "Other", where will the litter box be?
How many hours will Buddy be left alone during the day?
Have you ever surrendered an animal? Yes No
Please explain:
Have you ever lost a pet or had one die of accident or injury? Yes No
Have you ever had a pet hit by a car? Yes No
Do you know how to treat the following?
Hairballs: Yes No
Fleas: Yes No
Ear Mites: Yes No
Tape Worms: Yes No
Round Worms: Yes No
Would you have Buddy declawed? Yes No
How much do you think it will cost per month on average to care for Buddy? $
Who will be primary caretaker for Buddy?
Who will take care of Buddy if you go away for a few days?
Non-household family reference Name:
Reference's address: City:
Would you consent to a home visit? Yes No
How did you hear about us?
If you move, what will you do with Buddy?
Full name of person who will care for Buddy if you are unable to?
Are you financially able and willing to give Buddy the medical care he may need? Yes No
Are you prepared to care for Buddy for his natural life (which may be over 20 years)? Yes No
May we call you at work if unable to reach you at home for our follow-up calls? Yes No
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?


I have read and understood The Cat House on the Kings adoption process & policy.
I certify that I am at least 18 years old.
I certify that the above information is true and understand that misrepresentations may result in the cancellation of the adoption.
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