Prince Crooner has been adopted!


This handsome young boy came from a heartbreaking situation. His human Mama lost her life defending her pets and we want to carry on her love for her babies by finding loving homes for them. His nickname is Prince Crooner because he has a fabulously melodic meow that carries above the other kitties if they are all "talking" at once. He loves to talk to you if he is in an area away from you or in a carrier. Our Prince is a bit timid to begin with, after all he has hidden behind his mom for 6 months. He is exceedingly sweet when he knows that he is in safe hands and arms. He does love to play with other kitties and he is a bit of a chow hound. Prince Crooner will be the best song you could ever carry in your heart that will warm your lap at the same time!

Mother: Queen Boudica