Mario has been adopted!

Turkish Angora Mix
Flame point

Mario and his litter were rescued from the SPCA as infants and bottle fed.¬  Mario is an absolutely beautiful Flame¬ Point Turkish Angora¬ mix.¬  He has medium length fur now.

If you want the cat that follows you around and wants to be a part of everything you do then you want Mario.¬  If you want the cat that HAS to be in your lap while you are on the computer or watching TV then you want Mario.¬  He will read with you, he will help you choose clothes in the morning, he will supervise when you scrub the sink!¬  He has even been known to go in to the restroom with his foster family.¬  In short, Mario is a people purrson.¬  He needs lots of love and attention but¬ can be¬ a little intimidated by small children.¬  Mario was raised with a Pit Bull and a Pug, so is used to dogs jumping over him and sneezing on him.¬  He enjoys playing and cuddling with other cats and willingly shares his dinner with them.¬  He is an absolute sweetheart and wants a family of his own to love.

Littermates:  Audrey, Bowser, Duncan