Tic Tac has been adopted!


Fuzzy wuzzy, cloud-soft Tic Tac is one on five darling babies born to a friendly stray momcat named Twix under a nice person's bed! This fluffy doll started out a bit timid but has become a friendly and outgoing kitten who loves every toy that rolls, dangles, or crinkles! She makes friends easily and likes to be wherever her people and other kittens are. Her big dark eyes are full of curiosity and never miss a thing. She's very quick and makes a game out of little escape plans! Cuddles and cozy naps are also high on her list of favorite things! Such a fun and affection little beauty is sure to be a cherished addition in a sweet forever family. Totally adorable Tic Tac hopes you'll take her right into your heart and home!

Mother: Twix
Littermates:  Dobby, Hot Tamale, Pixie, Skittles